Club Rewards

Club Rewards is an exciting loyalty program that benefits Club Savoy members, while also supporting other community clubs and organisations.

By presenting your membership card when purchasing food and drink at Club Savoy, you will earn points for every dollar you spend. These points can then be redeemed at Club Savoy on meals and drinks when you visit. And don’t forget you’ll already be receiving discounts on food and drink at Club Savoy just for being a member.

Additionally, if you are a member of a partner club, the points you earn also help to raise funds for your club.

Support your community

Club Savoy has joined with several community clubs and organisations to bring the benefits of Club Rewards to more people, as well as providing financial support for partner clubs.

Members of our partner clubs are automatically made social members of Club Savoy at no extra cost. These members are issued with a dual membership card, which provides all the incentives and benefits of a regular Club Savoy social membership, in addition to the entitlements awarded with their local club membership.

Also by using your Club Rewards card, you will be assisting your local club in receiving donations from Club Savoy.

Frequently asked questions

How many points do I earn per dollar spent?

For each dollar spent at Club Savoy on food and drinks, you earn 1 loyalty point.

How can I check my loyalty points balance?

You can check your points balance by simply swiping your card through the Club Rewards terminal located in the foyer at Club Savoy.

How can I redeem my loyalty points?

Points can be easily redeemed for food and drink at Club Savoy, as well as with our partners by presenting your membership card. You can pay for all or part of your purchase using your points, depending how the amount of points you have available, and the cost of your purchase.

What if I’m a member of more than one partner club?

If you are a member of more than one partner club, you will receive a membership card for each club. It is then your choice of which card you wish to present when earning loyalty points.

You loyalty point balance is maintained separately on each card. This allows you to influence the level of financial support Club Savoy provides to the partner clubs.

Our partner clubs

Club Savoy has proudly partnered with the following local clubs:

Paid members of these clubs enjoy automatic membership with Club Savoy, including all the benefits of the Club Rewards program.